The Swag'r Solution

SWAG’R is designed to help brands and event owners to meet their customers where they are through a feature-rich, flexible engagement marketing platform guaranteed to make a lasting impression on both consumers and the bottom line.


Cloud-Based Management

SWAG’R uses cloud-based servers to place geographically targeted offers into consumer concentrations and to set and monitor sharing and gamification rules. Offers rules include price, date, time, quantity, expiration, and target profile. Our system allows easy one-touch roll-out of offers across campuses, Music Events, and Professional Sporting Events..



The Swag'r client reporting of performance results of marketing campaigns, offer content, geolocation, consumer and social media habits. The client dashboard will track thousands of data points in real time and accessible on site.


Marketing Optimization

SWAG’R manages the redemption process automatically, allowing continuous personalization and optimization as consumers redeem.  SWAG’R can also be used to collect market research by having users compete to answer questions.



We’ve integrated gamification into our platform, incentivizing users to engage and compete with their social networks when redeeming offers. For example, the first user to grab and share a specific offer receives an additional 40% off as a bonus. Users can get bigger payoffs by collecting multiple offers. A SWAG’R leaderboard encourages ongoing competition and use.



Our locator features ensures precise offer placement in walkable locations for users  to collect promotional content. For our launch at ASU, we deployed promotional content in 85 hotspots throughout the campus.


Social Integration

SWAG’R allows users to share brand content on social media, swap them with friends, or -- if they’re feeling generous -- give them away!  Multi-Event promotions allow campuses to compete with each other.


SDK Plugin

Swag'r now has developed a API TOKEN white labeled SDK. So now you can plugin our platform in to your event app and it will look and feel like it is yours and your attendees  experience.